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Radar/ Laser Detectors

Radar/ Laser Detectors
Item #: 301

We spend a lot of time traveling in our cars...commuting, vacationing, and visiting, so it only makes sense that we make that time on the road as safe and secure as possible. The Early Warning EW3100 radar detector helps you do just that, alerting you to hazards and emergency vehicles while also serving as a reminder that we may be driving at dangerous speeds. The EW3100 detects all radar bands X, K, Ka, Ka-Pop and Superwide Ka bands. Also included is 360 Laser Detection which detects laser from the front, rear and sides (including Pulsed, UltraLyte, LTI-2020, and Prolaser). The EW-3100 has a high resolution icon display, so you can see the display, even in the sun! Real voice alert technology alerts you when you turn the detector on, and it alerts you with 25 different vocal indicators, including radar and laser detection. The alerts come in either English or Spanish. The safety warning system detection alerts you to the presence of road hazards, emergency vehicles, railroad crossings and more. Its numeric signal strength display shows you signal intensity from '0' to '9'. The auto mute mode automatically reduces sounds by half when the signal is detected, and the city/highway mode lets you minimize alerts in areas that have false radar signals. This unit provides instant on or pulse radar protection that notifies you of sudden high level radar and laser signals. A tutorial mode demonstrates all the functions of this radar/laser detector. The Early Warning EW3100 is a 'state-of-the-art' detector and is clearly the most sensible choice in safety/radar/laser detection available today! Features Include: Detects all current radar and laser guns 360 degree laser detection VG-2/Spectre undetectable Digital signal processing and anti-falsing circuitry 4 mute and 3 step dim selection 10.525 GHz/+/-25 Mhz (X-band), 24.150 Ghz/+/-100 Mhz (K-band), 33.800 Ghz (Ka-POP) and 34.700 Ghz/+/-1.300 Mhz (Ka super wideband) operating frequencies Includes: DC car cigarette lighter power cord, velcro (hook & loop fastener), a window mounting kit and owners manual. Dimensions: 4-1/4'L x 2-3/4'W x 1-1/4'H 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty Model No: EW3100

Price : $75.35

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Radar/ Laser Detectors

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