DJ Scratch CD Mixer W/FM Radio

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DJ Scratch CD Mixer W/FM Radio

DJ Scratch CD Mixer W/FM Radio
Item #: 252

For young rap artists or DJs in the making, this Scratch CD Mixer is a great addition to any party. The Kidsway® DJ scratch CD mixer can record music and sound effects with the use of a cassette tape or a CD, each of which has its own set of controls. Slow down or speed up the tempo of the music and there are sliding controls for the balance, tone and echo to simulate professional music mixing. Young DJs get to scratch, mix and match sounds with five loop effects, five sound effects, balance, tone and echo controls. The spinning disco ball creates the right atmosphere with spinning lights everywhere! Also included in the box for DJ hopefuls are the microphone and head mic. Playrooms instantly turn into nightclubs with this DJ scratch CD mixer from Kidsway® Features: CD player FM Radio 5 loop effects dance, hip-hop, reggae, trance & Bass loop 5 sound effects Tone, balance, echo Professional Sliding Numerous DJ Controls Spinning Disco Ball with light effects Cassette recorder and cassette player Includes microphone and head mic Professional sliding DJ controls for balance, volume, tape and echo CD line for CD player Tempo up/down Requires 6 x C batteries - not included Measures 21"L x 11.5"W x 5.5"H Model No: 9143

Price : $55.32

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DJ Scratch CD Mixer W/FM Radio

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